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Number: 396

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IMDb Rating:
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5.4/10 (10346 votes)

Country: Spain, 95 minutes

Spoken Languages: Spanish

Genre(s): Horror

Director(s): Jaume Balagueró

Cast: Manuela Velasco (as Ángela Vidal), Mariano Venancio (as Capitán Ortega), María Alfonsa Rosso (as Old Lady), Javier Laorden (as Médico Auxiliar), Javier Botet (as niña Medeiros , uncredited)

Medium: Digital Copy,

Storyline: Ángela Vidal, the spunky young television reporter that entered the building in 2007 has exited with the swat team. Little do they know that she carries the seed of the strange demonic infection. She is taken to an oil tanker miles off shore which has been especially equipped for the quarantine...

Location: X:\Stream\Movies\Rec 4 Apocalypse.mkv

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1